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Grant McRae Commemorative Contest

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Contest Details
The Memory Project is launching an exciting new contest: the Grant McRae Commemorative Contest!

To enter, students and classrooms can submit cards, poems, recitals, plays, videos, musical recordings, visual art or essays to show us what having a Memory Project speaker in your classroom means to you.

The Grant McRae Commemorative Contest encourages young Canadians to thank a veteran or active Canadian Forces member in a creative way and play an active role in Remembrance by hosting a Memory Project volunteer in their classroom.

The deadline for the contest is February 15, 2017.

You may enter online or by e-mail, or mail.

Mailing Address
The Memory Project
2 Carlton Street, East Mezzanine,
Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 1J3

Enter Online

Are you entering as an individual, or as a group?

Winners will be posted in February, 2017.

Who can enter?
There are Three Submission Categories:
1) Classroom/Group Category
2) Individual Category
3) Second Language Learners Category

Prizes will be given to five entries. There will be a Junior Classroom/Group winner (Grades 1-7), a Senior Classroom/Group winner (Grades 8-12), a Junior Individual winner (Grades 1-7), a Senior Individual Winner (Grades 8-12) and a Second Language Learner winner.

Prizes will be announced closer to the contest deadline.


PDF Download of Rules and Regulations.

  • Grant McRae

    "One night shortly after take-off on one of our flying exercises, the starboard engine of our Anson aircraft caught fire. And at that time we were flying over the Irish Sea at about 4, 000 feet."

    Listen to Grant McRae's story

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